St. Thomas Snorkeling

St. Thomas Snorkeling is world renown for being some of the best snorkeling on earth. 

Best Snorkeling in the Virgin Islands

The crystal clear waters and abundance of indigenous Caribbean sea life really make for the snorkeling trip of a lifetime.  If you are planning on visiting the US Virgin Islands you should take advantage of the opportunity and book a full day snorkeling excursion.  There are several boats that operate daily snorkeling trips leaving from St Thomas.  One of the most famous and well known is the yacht Nightwind.  Sailing the Caribbean Sea since 1977, Nightwind is a 57-foot coast guard certified sailing yacht.  Unlike other snorkeling charters in St. Thomas, Nightwind limits the number of passengers so as to not crowed her guests. Most operators will pack as many people on their boats as humanly possible. This makes the deck of the boat crowded and the water where you are snorkeling crowded.

You might save a few dollars by sailing with one of the high volume, cattle car charters, but at the end of the day the sacrifice to your overall sailing and snorkeling experience will not be worth the few dollars you save. We specialize in offering our guests a high-end, intimate sailing and snorkeling trip. We take pride in our great customer service and our guests reviews clearly illustrate that. When you call or email us with questions you speak directly with one of the yacht owners and not a third party booking agent.

Nightwind has been family owned and operated since it has been in business offering St Thomas snorkeling charters.

Nightwind sets sail daily from Sapphire Beach Marina on the east side of St. Thomas.

There is plenty of free parking close to the yacht and easy dockside boarding. If you are visiting St Thomas on a cruise ship, we work with several taxi operators that will coordinate picking you up and taking you back within your cruise ships port schedule. We have never had a cruise passenger miss their boat in the thirty plus years we have been in business. Don’t let the cruise lines scare you into thinking that you are going to miss the ship by booking an excursion with a private operator. The cruise lines usually profit more than 50% of the money that they charge for the excursions they sell on their website or on the ship. Therefore it is in their best interest to talk you into using one of their partner, high volume charter companies. By splitting their profits with the cruise lines, these snorkeling charter companies cannot be competitive on price unless they pack their boats full of passengers. Some of these boats are packed so full that there is hardly a place for people to sit down. This makes for a crowded experience on the boat and in the water snorkeling. On average Nightwind sets sail with 4 to 12 guests. Nightwind is about the length of a semi truck and trailer so clearly even with 12 guests you never feel crowded. We can accommodate up to 18 guests but we will only ever allow that many guest if one group charters the entire yacht.

In addition to the larger cattle car snorkeling charter vessels, you also need to be cautious of the smaller ones. The U.S. Coast Guard determines a boats capacity. Boats which are not inspected buy the U.S. Coast Guard are limited to accommodate no more than 6 passengers. There are extremely high safety standards and requirements for a vessel to become U.S. Coast Guard Certified. Sadly many of the small boat snorkel charters in St. Thomas do not spend the time or money to achieve this certification. Make sure that whatever charter company you decide to book with operates a boat that is U.S. Coast Guard inspected and certified. Nightwind is a U.S. Coast Guard certified and inspected vessel and all Captains are U.S. Coast Guard Licensed.

A sample snorkeling trip on Nightwind consists of a morning arrival and guest check-in. A continental breakfast is served onboard while the yacht is preparing to set sail. Nightwind is equipped with multiple shade awnings for those who wish to minimize sun exposure, but also provides plenty of wide-open deck space for those who wish to soak up some rays. There is a full open bar included for the entire day. Nightwind usually sails to St. John stopping at two different bays for snorkeling. Depending on weather and ocean conditions the Captain will vary the snorkeling locations to provide the best guest experience. For the armature snorkeler we provide more than enough instruction and tips to ensure you have a great experience. We provide the highest quality snorkeling equipment to all of our guests, but also welcome those who wish to bring their own gear. Many of our guests will get to swim with sea turtles, stingrays, and an assortment of tropical fish.

In addition to snorkeling equipment we also provide a wide array of water toys, which include rafts, noodles, and floats. Nightwind is equipped with a fresh water shower on deck so that guests can rise off the salty water following each snorkeling session. For your convenience there is a restroom located in the lower galley. After your first snorkeling stop you will be served a full Caribbean lunch. A sample lunch menu might consist of: Caribbean Roast Chicken, Tropical Pasta Salad, Banana Bread, Fresh Fruit, A Variety of Deviled Eggs, and Chocolate Cake. In addition to lunch there are an assortment of snacks available throughout the day. Unlike a lot of our competitors, our guests never complain that we shorted them on food or beverages.

Come join us today for the St. Thomas snorkeling adventure of a lifetime!