St. Thomas Excursions

Nightwind Sailing

Nightwind Sailing

There are over a hundred different St. Thomas Excursions available to tourists when they visit the island, but none really compare to a full day sailing and snorkeling on the yacht Nightwind.

If you are looking for a high end, small group, full day excursion, at a price rivaling excursions offered by major tour companies, then look no further. Nightwind sets sail daily from the Sapphire Beach Marina located on the east side of St. Thomas. If you are traveling to St Thomas on a cruise ship we can easily coordinate transportation to and from the marina. You will not be in any sort of jeopardy of missing your cruise ships departure time. In the 30 plus years that we have been operating full day snorkeling charters out of St Thomas, we have never had a cruise ship guest miss their ships departure. The cruise lines often use scare tactics to convince passengers only to book excursions through their partner tour companies. You can rest assured that when you book an excursion on Nightwind you are in good hands and that we will make sure you return to St. Thomas with more than enough time to make your ships scheduled departure time.

Nightwind sets sail across the protected waters of the Pillsbury Sound to St John offering her guest the opportunity to snorkel in some of the best-known snorkel locations on earth.

At 57 feet long, which is about the length of a semi truck pulling a tractor-trailer, Nightwind is one of the largest sailing yachts offering snorkeling trips from the island of St. Thomas. She is U.S. Coast Guard certified to carry up to 18 passengers but we only allow that many guests if one group charters the entire boat for the day. To provide a more intimate guest experience, Nightwind averages between 4 and 14 guests on each of her full day excursions. This means that each guest has more than enough space on the deck of the boat, and while snorkeling in the water. A lot of the other boats offering full day snorkeling charters from St. Thomas operate “cattle car” operations. These boats pack as many people on board as they can book. This means that there is never room for guests to lie out, and when the boats stop for snorkeling it takes forever to get everyone in and out of the water.

We encourage you to read our customer reviews and feedback. Nightwind is family owned and operated. When you call or email with questions regarding sailing on Nightwind, you deal directly with one of the owners and not a third party booking agent.

Captain Rick and Cathy

Captain Rick and Cathy

By dealing directly with the owners you are going to receive the highest level of customer service and piece of mind.

A lot of the questions we receive are in regards to what is included in our excursion. From the moment you come aboard you will have access to our complimentary open bar serving champagne, beer, cocktails, soft drinks, juices and water. Captain Rick’s rum punch is a guest favorite and goes extremely well with our continental breakfast that is served while the yacht prepares to sail. Onboard Nightwind there is tons of open deck space and more than enough shade to go around. Nightwind is stocked with the highest quality snorkel equipment in every size possible to accommodate guests of all ages. If you are a first time snorkeler, intermediate, or skilled professional you can trust the Nightwind crew to make sure your set up for an effortless and memorable snorkeling experience. The crew is always more than happy to help with instruction or tips for snorkelers of all skill levels.

In addition to snorkel equipment all of Nightwind’s guests have access to a wide assortment of her water toys, which include rafts, noodles, and floats. With all of that activity in the water you can rest assured that you will inevitably work up an appetite.

Snacks are provided throughout most of the day. After her first stop for water activities, Nightwind serves all of her guests a large family style lunch, which often includes Caribbean roast chicken, a variety of deviled eggs, homemade pasta salad with vegetables, banana bread, fresh tropical fruit, and double chocolate cake. There is always more than enough food and unlike some of our competitors who cut corners, we take pride in having leftovers.

lunch photo

After lunch Nightwind sets sail for her second snorkeling stop of the day giving her guests a moment to relax. People often ask if Nightwind always goes to the same locations to snorkel and the answer is no. There are a lot of factors involved with selecting the best locations to snorkel. Wind, waves, and the ability of the guests on board are all things that Nightwind’s crew takes into account when selecting the locations that she stops for snorkeling. After thirty plus years of sailing and snorkeling our Captains are quite the professionals when it comes to picking the best spots to swim and snorkel. It is rather common for out guests to get to swim with giant sea turtles, stingrays, and vast amounts of tropical fish. If you own a waterproof camera you are going to want to make sure you remember to bring it with you.

Customer recommendations and referrals are Nightwind’s largest source of business. We take every step to ensure that all of the guests that step foot on Nightwind will recommend the trip to their friends and family.

It is this mentality that has made us one of the top 10 St Thomas excursions and ensures you an experience you will never forget!