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Sail out of St. Thomas to some of the best Virgin Islands snorkeling and St. John beaches aboard our premier classic sailing vessel Nightwind.

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Our guests agree that intimate size groups contribute to the feeling of sailing with friends and not just “another tour.”

Your full day sail on the water begins at Sapphire Beach Resort and Marina on the East End of St. Thomas, which has easy taxi access and ample, free parking. And since we normally leave the dock at 9am, your morning is not rushed (we appreciate you are on vacation!)

Our stops vary from day to day depending on your abilities and wishes as well as the wind and sea conditions. But we have many options with great reefs, pristine beaches or a combination of both. We sail in the protected waters of Pillsbury Sound with many good anchorages within an easy sail from our dock.

St Thomas Day Sail to St John’s Best Snorkeling
A Sample Itinerary

We start with an exhilarating sail to windward in the morning as we head to our destinations on St. John, home of the Virgin Islands National Park, or some of the smaller cays and islands (besides the big islands of St. Thomas, St. John, St. Croix and Water Island, we have approximately 140 smaller islands and cays in the U. S. Virgin Islands). We will make two different anchorages with ample time to snorkel or beach comb at both places.

Best Snorkeling in the Virgin Islands

Best Snorkeling in the Virgin Islands

Some of our favorite snorkel spots include Peter Bay, Hawksnest Bay, Honeymoon Beach, Maho Bay and Mary Point as well as to remote locations such as Whistling Cay, Carval Rock, and between Congo and Lovango Cays.

Rest assured that we keep your safety and comfort in mind when choosing the best snorkeling/swimming spots for your memorable day of sailing around the Virgin Islands.

Hawksnest Bay
Hawksnest Bay provides a well protected anchorage in most weather except when a northern swell is running (occasionally during the winter). There is good snorkeling along the Eastern side as well as several beaches. Chance to see turtles.

Hawksnest Beach

Hawksnest Beach

Honeymoon Beach
Beautiful beach with a small but action packed reef. Lots of fish. The best of both worlds.

Scott Point
Very good snorkeling with a chance to see angel fish

Peter Bay
Nice sandy beach, home to lots of turtles.

Peter Bay

Peter Bay

Maho Bay
Nice beach, well protected, good snorkeling on a small reef.

Maho Bay

Maho Bay

Mary’s Point
No beach but great snorkeling in settled weather.

Mary's Point

Mary’s Point

Whistling Cay
Great snorkeling but open to the wind and sea so we only use it in calm conditions.

Carval Rock
Great snorkeling in calm conditions and slack current

Carvel Rock

Carvel Rock

West End of Congo Cay
Great snorkeling in calm conditions

North side of Lovango Cay
Good snorkeling in all but the heaviest winds

South side of Lovango Cay
Especially good when wind is north or east.

Mingo Cay
Good snorkeling in calm conditions

Rendezvous Bay
Good destination when wind is from the north. Several good reefs.

Reef Bay
Excellent snorkeling but wind must be from the north Lots of fish and extensive reef.

Great St. James (Christmas Cove)
Several good snorkeling spots and excellent all-weather anchorage

Little St. James
Good snorkeling in calm conditions

Nightwind Day Sail

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