The cast of MT V’s Real World came to St. Thomas and lived on Hassel Island for 3 months. On their last day in St. Thomas they sailed with Captain Rick and Cathy aboard Yacht Nightwind.

We sailed from Hassel Island to Buck Island. We swam with turtles and other sea life, then we dove the wreck (The Cartanza Senior). They were served the fabulous Caribbean tropical lunch of Roasted Caribbean chicken, Pasta salad complete with broccoli, cranberries and onions, two varieties of devilled eggs, kosher dill pickles, freshly baked banana bread and fresh pineapple, not only delicious but beautifully presented.

The cast sailed back to Hassel Island while the sun was setting over Water Island. A beautiful end to their time on St. Thomas.

All cast members signed our guest book so we will always remember them.

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Nightwind is featured on Episode 12 at 23 minutes into the video in a 3 minute clip (23-26min).